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I was working late at my warehouse in Los Altos, after all my employees had gone home (after all, if you’re not the last one in the building, you’re not working hard enough, right?). As I walked out of the warehouse into our parking lot, I realized that I had left my car keys on my desk. Unfortunately, because we store expensive materials at the warehouse, we had a few security measures put in place, including one that prevents the doors from opening after business hours, even if you have the key! I immediately realized what a stupid move this was, as I was staring at my car at 10pm on a weeknight, unable to gain access to either my office or my car. I called the pros at 24 Hour Redwood City Locksmiths, and they arrived promptly within 10 minutes. I explained my situation, and they offered several options, along with pricing estimates for each. We ended up regaining access to my building, so I grabbed my keys and went home. The gentleman who helped me was so nice and informed, however, that I ended up calling them the next day to re engineer my commercial security setup. Now, I have a great security system in place and can sleep at night knowing that my assets are protected.
-Jim, Los Altos

I travel a lot for work. After flying back home in the morning to Menlo Park for business, I had a meeting in the early afternoon with my stakeholders. I had everything prepared for the meeting, and was just starting to relax when I locked myself out of my car. I couldn’t believe it: in 35 years, I’d never done that before. Fortunately, I quickly found 24 Hour Redwood City Locksmiths and gave them a call; they showed up in just a few minutes. Since I drive a Mercedes, I was concerned that they might damage my car when they open it, but they assured me that their tools are designed to be gentile, and that they were insured against damages. Within just a few minutes (it was like a movie, really), they opened my car door & I was home free: I had my keys & all my notes for the meeting. The rest of the day went really well, and I have them to thank for that! Thanks again, guys!
-Matt, Menlo Park