Your home is not just your fortress, but it is the one place where you feel safest, where the space is only yours. This sense of safety is so important, that we invest money to keep it secure. Not only that but also the fact that most homes nowadays also keep a lot of valuables inside, from money, personal belongings, and expensive gadgets.

Most people know to call a locksmith in times of emergency, for example when you forget or lose your key or lock yourself out. Even so, we at 24 Hour Redwood City Locksmith Security Systems can literally be your partners in all your home security needs.

In fact, from the moment you either finish building or signing a contract to buy a home or apartment, you already require our services. For those who bought existing properties, the first thing they consider is to change the locks. Not only because the existing locks might be old or outdated, but also to have peace of mind that the previous tenants do not have access anymore, just in case they happened to have made and kept copies of the house key. For those who build their own houses, they, of course, have to have new locks installed.

As you continue enjoying your new home, our residential locksmith services can continue to provide you with what you need, including:

Save you when you get locked out of your home – either you left or lost your keys, or maybe you have an automatic lock on your door and it just happened to close even if you stepped outside for a second, but being locked out can sometimes be unavoidable. In cases like this, pick up the phone and call us in order to gain access to your home again.

Help you when and if your key is broken – sometimes keys become stuck in a lock (or in the wrong lock) and in your effort to take it out, you use too much force and voila, the key breaks, leaving a part of it stuck inside! Even if you do have a spare key, the problem is that the lock itself has to be cleared before it can be opened. This is certainly one instance when you need residential locksmith services. We are capable of extracting these broken key pieces from the keyhole, using special machinery and at the same time, making sure the lock is not damaged during the process. Once the keyhole is cleared, either you can go with the spare key, or should none be available, we can provide a spare one to finally open the door.

To professionally change your locks or install new ones – there are so many developments nowadays in home security, with safer and high-tech locks available out there for those who really want to secure their homes. This is, of course, important to be sure that no one can just easily pick your locks and rob your homes. In this case, talk with us to be informed of the latest technology in home security. Sure, some people can also do-it-yourself, but only a trained professional can do it effectively and with as little damage to your doors as possible. At the same time, some of these newer, safer locks might require a bit more expertise that we offer.

Help you to duplicate your keys, or to rekey a lock – sometimes you just need more copies of your keys, especially if one gets lost or you suddenly acquire a roommate. You definitely need residential locksmith services to get this done, quickly and at the same time, confidentially. Rekeying locks, on the other hand, is all about changing the lock to allow a different key to open it as well. This is becoming popular especially in newer buildings, where a “master key” can actually open a few doors or locks. This means that homeowners end up not having to bring 3 or 4 keys just for the house.

When you want to install some home security systems – we are also qualified and eager to help you install high-tech security systems to make your home secure, which is very helpful for those who are more isolated or in areas with higher crime rates. To help you have your peace of mind, we can install security devices like cameras and even magnetic cards to add another layer of safety in your home. We can even install gates around your home if you require it.

We can be your partner in keeping you, your family and your assets safe so make sure you have 24 Hour Redwood City Locksmith Security Systems’ number for all your home security needs.