Los Altos is the city with a rich history and a vibrant community located at the southern tip of the Bay Area peninsula. Although it started as an agricultural hub for Apricot farmers, it has transformed into a prosperous & startup-friendly suburban community that many Silicon Valley natives have flocked to.

Through strict zoning restrictions,the community has restricted commercial development to its downtown, so that the rest of the city can be devoted to residential homes on large lots, open parks and community resources, and open spaces.  This, along with its close proximity to San Francisco & other large cities, has made Los Altos one of the most desirable places in the country to move a family. In fact, Forbes recently ranked it as the 7th most expensive real estate in the country. As a result, many of our clients in this area have large homes on wide lots, which require a lot of residential security measures. Aside from potential burglars & other bad actors, it’s important to protect your home from the roaming wildlife and predatory animals in the area. Many residents have built fences around their property, motion sensors to detect large animals, and other measures to keep their homes safe.

The majority of the calls that we receive in Los Altos are for residential locksmiths, increasing commercial security, and car lockouts. Since the community is slightly rural, getting locked out of your car anywhere aside from the downtown area can be a real headache. Our locksmiths carry all of the tools that are required for a job in their truck, so that we can finish the job onsite without having to return to the office for special equipment. This is also true for commercial & residential security, as we carry ANSI grade locks, smart locks, and other options for our customers to consider when we’ve replaced or re-keyed a lock. If you’re in need of our services, call 650-458-7800 today!

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Residential Locksmith Services

We provide excellent residential home locksmith services such as lock replacement, key duplication rekeying, and lockout services. We also provide consultancy services especially in terms of identifying possible security issues in your home which can be exploited by burglars or thieves and other lawless elements. As such we provide iron work and steel cages for the external part of air conditioning units. We prides ourselves on the installation and servicing of home security systems such as gate systems with biometrics, CCTV surveillance cameras, electronic lock systems, and other high-end home security solutions. We understand the importance of a secure home so you can depend on us to bring you the highest possible level of safety and security for you and your family against intruders in your home.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Businesses have a lot at stake if security measures are not properly instituted. We make sure to work with all of our commercial and industrial partners to come up with the best solution to their physical security concerns. We provide commercial lockout services, key duplication, lock replacement, and rekeying services to all of our clients in the commercial sector. We also make sure that existing commercial security measures are not undermined by lawless elements and that everything is working and functioning properly and optimally. We understand the fact that theft in commercial establishments can literally translate to millions of dollars in losses. As such we make sure that all of the doors and windows and any other possible ingress points for lawless elements be secured properly. And like in our residential locksmith services, we also install and service commercial security systems including biometric sensors, electronic roll-up doors, and CCTV cameras alongside other electronic or digital security measures.

Auto Locksmith Services

Nothing can be more frustrating than being locked out of your own car. Accidents do happen, but we can assure you that our team of professional auto locksmiths will be able to open your car without causing any damage. We also remove stuck or broken car keys in doors and the ignition switch as well as provide rekeying, key duplication, and key replacement services. We also provide replacement of car door locks especially if you want a more reliable system for your car. Our team is fully trained to service all major brands and models of car from American muscle cars to European supercars and luxury vehicles and to practical Asian cars.