Commercial establishments, whether they’re small offices, retail shops, or large commercial facilities, all require a significantly higher level of safety and security than residential homes. This does not even count the economic impact it has on other aspects of the business. It is for this reason that business owners will need a very comprehensive commercial locksmith services to help bolster security in their respective commercial establishments. Our team has been assisting business organizations as well as social organizations beef up their perimeter and building security with our team of highly-trained, duly-certified, and very professional technicians. We understand the impact of security breaches in commercial establishments including the potential loss of revenues in instances where the installation, servicing, or repair of security solutions can hamper operations. As such, businesses can count on our team of experts to give them the kind of security solution they need in a fast and definitive way.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services

Commercial establishments are driven by economic activities. A second lost can literally translates to thousands of dollars in economic losses for businesses. Businesses can thus, count on our 24/7 emergency services to be in right in the office fixing the problem at the soonest possible time regardless of time of day and day of the week.  Be it a lockout problem or rekeying and duplication need, commercial establishments can count on us to be there when they are needed, and not a moment later!

Rekeying Services

For establishments who may have misplaced or lost their keys, they don’t need to replace the whole lock. We can provide affordable rekeying services in a jiffy. We will only change the internal lock mechanism of the existing lock so that no current keys can be used to open it; only an entirely different set of keys. This adds a new layer of security for commercial establishments as it can effectively prevent entry by unauthorized personnel.

Lock Installation

Our team has been providing businesses with effective and highly reliable lock installation services. We make sure that we use only locks that are made of high-grade durable materials. Whether it is the general manager’s room, meeting room, staff room, main door, janitorial rooms, or even the bathroom, businesses can count on us to keep them secure.

Lock Replacement Services

There are instances when keys can get stuck in keyholes and the more it is forced out, the greater is the chance of breakage. There are also instances when the whole door lock needs to be replaced. Our lock replacement services can help make sure that commercial establishments get the kind of security they are looking for.

Key Duplication Services

Our highly trained commercial locksmiths employ a three-step process to key duplication which includes identification, selection of key template, and key replication. We make sure that businesses will have the means to manage potential lockouts. Having duplicate keys managed by a few select members of the management team can help prevent significant downtimes because of lockouts.

Commercial Lockout Services

Getting locked out from a commercial establishment is an entirely different thing compared to being locked out from one’s home or car. The economic repercussions of not being able to run the business on time is something that all organizations would like to minimize at all cost. We understand the need for fast and definitive action and as such commercial establishments can count on our 24/7 emergency lockout services to allow businesses to regain access to their establishments with minimal damage to the integrity of the lock.

Intercom Installation

Office security is best facilitated if different units have a way of communicating with each other. While handheld radios may prove valuable, many businesses prefer using the intercom. Our team provides excellent intercom installation services to help enhance the overall security of a commercial establishment.

Safe Installation

There are certain business resources that need to be protected at all cost. From important documents to confidential files, we help businesses install a variety of safe systems including wall safes, gun safes, high-security safes, and jewelry safes. These can be in the form of either electronic keypad safes or combination safes.

Iron Works

Our team also provides security gates, stair rails, and custom doors to help add security to the physical plant and facilities of businesses. We have a team of dedicated blacksmiths to create equally reliable iron works for any business.

Our team provides excellent commercial locksmith services to all offices and retailers the bay area. We understand what it means to secure every single asset a company has.